'I can resist everything except Blue Kubricks' - Oscar Wilde (Probably)

Blue Kubricks were formed in 2016, it then comprised of Jim, Jesse and Vanilla. Jim and Jesse met when they found out they had a mum in common and started playing together a few years after. Vanilla was a school friend of Jesse’s who jammed prior to the band fully forming while Jim was in Finland where he was signed to a label and was working on an album.


 After a fall out with the band Jim moved back to England where he began duties as chief songwriter and lead singer of what would later become Blue Kubricks. Following a string of local gigs in southern Suffolk pubs in the outback shrubs of nowhere, Blue Kubricks recorded their debut EP Shed Sessions (2016). They toured the EP and played extensively in the South. They were featured on BBC Radio several times, performing acoustic sessions live on air, and played at the O2 Islington Academy among other notable venues.

 Having a crack, seeing whether the grass is greener on the other side; they moved their efforts to Manchester. After finding new musicians to play with, Jesse enrolled on a music production course and the band finally landed on the green green pastures of sunny Leeds. Having now played various venues in Leeds: Belgrave Music Hall, Fentons, The Box, The Chapel and The Deaf Institute in Manchester, Blue Kubricks have now recorded and released their latest single Pleasure (2018). A song about the forgotten pleasures of Jim losing his virginity to a stripper in an alleyway in Belgium.

So have a listen and come see the grand shows of your future lavished by the next big outfit.... Blue Kubricks.



Headingley, Leeds, UK




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